Whether you are struggling yourself or are witnessing a close friend or family member, substance abuse is a hard challenge. Finding a drug rehabilitation center is an effective way of learning about addiction and overcoming it. If you’re looking to admit yourself or a loved one into a substance abuse treatment center in the Detroit area, look no further than Metro Rehab. Each and every individual who walks through our doors is treated with respect. Our treatment programs include one-on-one drug counseling, and our facility is clean. Learn more about our drug addiction treatments and rehabilitation services in the following blog posts.

  1. Drug Addiction and Pregnancy: The Tiniest Addicts

    When a woman is pregnant, it seems like the list of “can’ts” is endless. This is for good reason. Some things that are seemingly harmless (in moderation) for the pregnant woman are toxic to the unborn child or can cause severe, lifelong effects. Many people have the misperception that because …Read More

  2. Teen Drug Abuse and Addiction: Know the Facts

    Drug abuse and addiction are not exclusive or prejudice, affecting every race, gender, socioeconomic status, and age. Because laws make some addictive substances legal at a certain age — cigarettes at 19, alcohol and marijuana at 21 — the underage population’s drug use is viewed more as a disc…Read More