When you think of a drug rehabilitation center, you may think of a facility where individuals go to break an addiction. Overcoming an alcohol or drug withdrawal is the first step in a substance abuse treatment program, but a vital element of the process is counseling. An effective and comprehensive drug rehabilitation program encompasses individual and/or group counseling. While getting an individual to break their addiction is one thing, ensuring that they continue their sobriety in the future and avoid relapsing is another. At Metro Rehab, we strive to do this through alcohol and drug counseling.

For many substance abusers, finding their place back in society after becoming clean can be difficult. Becoming functioning members is a challenge after overcoming substance abuse, but it’s one that’s worth it. However, without the support of individual and group counseling, making the transition back into a family, workplace, or community can be daunting. Here at Metro Rehab, our team uses behavior therapy and counseling as a tool to encourage the growth and continual development of recovering drug and/or alcohol addicts. For many recovering substance abusers, behavioral therapy is the path that leads them from the withdrawal process to living a sober, healthy lifestyle.

The techniques involved in alcohol and drug counseling are comprehensive. A counselor will be able to create customized coping methods for individuals working toward overcoming addiction. They will also work toward increasing self-control, and understanding the mental, emotional, behavioral, and environmental factors that can contribute to drug cravings. Learning how to identify triggering situations and environments is a tool that will help recovering addicts for the rest of their lives.

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