Starting the process of achieving a healthy, happy, and sober life starts with finding a drug rehab center. Whether you’re looking to admit yourself into a drug treatment program or are trying to find a facility for a loved one, Metro Rehab is the place where individuals struggling with drugs, including methadone and opioids, can find the help they need to strive toward a healthier life. Serving the Detroit area, those who walk through our doors for substance abuse, opioids, and methadone treatment are treated with respect. In our following blog section, you’ll learn more about our drug rehabilitation services.

  1. Frequently Asked Questions About Methadone Treatment

    At addiction rehab centers around the nation, methadone is used to treat opioid addiction for heroin and prescription or street narcotic pain medication addiction. Although methadone has been available in the United States since 1947, there are still a lot of misinformed people and false beliefs tha…Read More

  2. Is Methadone Treatment Replacing One Addiction With Another?

    There is a common fear among both opiate addicts and their families that medication addiction recovery treatments such as methadone simply replace one addiction for another. This is usually based on the history of opiates and the modifications used to treat different ailments. For instance, heroin w…Read More